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“Hello! First of all, I love this page. There is so much love and support here. Thanks a lot!

So, I have this question of justification really. I recently came out as a heteroromantic grey sexual. I’m a cis woman and have never been in a relationship or even gotten close to one. I am also, and this is significant, not conventionally good-looking and am quite overweight. I know that I’ve never felt sexual feelings towards anyone although I’ve had concrete romantic feelings for around 2-4 people in my life (I’m 26). But when I tell people I am grey sexual they keep telling me “It will happen for you some day.” or “some people blossom” late in life. And maybe they simply mean it to say that I’ll feel sexual some day (which is bad enough) but I think there is an element of condescension there. maybe it is just my insecurities about my appearance but I do sometimes wonder if people think I am using asexuality as a shield to avoid rejection. does anyone else feel this? am I actually doing that, I wonder because my insecurities about my appearance are quite real. Sorry about the self indulgent question. I just feel this need to justify it. Thanks!!”

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