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“So I have something that’s been bugging me a lot, something that I’m unsure about.

I’m asexual, that I know. I’m not sex repulsed though. But what’s been bugging me is about whether or not I’m aromantic, or where on the scale I am.
I feel like I could have that deep romantic connection with someone, but it’s never happened before. I’ve been in relationships, but never actually felt any love towards my partners.
No, we definitely weren’t perfect matches for each other, but we were dating – that should give me some sort of emotional connection, right? But it didn’t. I’ve had crushes before, but they were mostly just “that person is really pretty”, and not anything like romantic crushes. I always got a little confused when other people described their crushes or that feeling, because it always focused on sexual and romantic feelings towards that person, whereas mine tended to lean towards admiration towards their looks or personality.

I feel like I could have a romantic connection – I crave it. This is different from, and I think most people in this community will know exactly what I mean, when you just don’t feel like you ever COULD be attracted to someone in a sexual way. It’s like… It’s a foreign concept. But romantic, for me, isn’t. It’s just something I’ve never experienced and am starting to doubt if I even can, despite me really really wanting to. I feel like I could, I just never have.

Does anyone know what I mean? Has anyone felt this?”

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