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“Hey everyone, I’m asexual but I’m really confused about myself romantically. I thought I was frayromantic, which really made since because I have romantic attraction until I get to know that person. But when this guy I like is romantic or flirty and stuff or even talks about LIKE stuff like cuddling or kissing, I’m weirded out by it. I mean I REALLY like him, like he’s just so sweet and kind, but I’m not comfortable with those things after my attraction is gone. It’s really confusing me and recently I decided to tell him to give me some space till I figure things out so that I can be my best for him.

But I don’t know why this happens and he’s really romantic and likes being close and he knows I’m asexual, but I don’t know what to do about how I feel or what to tell him. Can someone help me?”

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