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“I’m Demisexual grey-asexual who is not sex repulsed, rather sex apathetic UNTIL I see pretty graphically sexual stuff. For example simply logging into fb I can be exposed to soft porn in even just a WORK OUT video with the trainer being shown working in slow mo with the camera panning in on their ass or sweat trickling down the navel; drawing attention to other kind of irrelevant aspects of the work out (I do have a filter on my feed that blocks a certain degree of content) and of course the feelings I have about porn itself after learning what a filthy industry it is and how it preys on the young an na├»ve, both the actors and viewers. Sometimes I feel I’m overly sensitive about it , but this day in age i can’t escape it everyone loves wet raunchy sex. I dunno what to do? I already stay to myself and take all the precautions i can to avoid being exposed to it.”

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