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“Hey, I’d have something to ask you guys…

I have someone in my life I feel deep and strong attraction for. Nothing romantic nor sexual though, only a very strong attraction that could despite all that easily be linked with being in love; I can relate to all those posts that evoke missing, needing someone you’re in love with. I feel like he takes all the room in my heart and not one day passes without me thinking about him.
I’ve had this feeling sticking to me for almost two years.
I do fancy hugging, going on long walks, talking about anything and everything, and maybe also holding hands… Anything that would be normal between a father and daughter (he’d be old enough to be my father) but nothing beyond that. So I don’t feel like I could call this romantic attraction.

I’d like to know how you’d call this kind of attraction ? Purely platonic ?

Thank you for reading and looking forward to hearing your opinions 🙂

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