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“Hi just found this page. I do believe I’m asexual. Have for all my life??? But no one around me understands this. I have been with my husband 16 years. But I’ve never had a drive to have sex with him or anyone else for that matter. I know I am more attracted to females but when I see someone (female or male) who I think is cute, nice look, or hot, its just that a passing thought nothing sexual ever enters my mind. he doesn’t understand that. My husband and I are not on awesome terms right now. Don’t think we will ever be ok again. I just don,t know what to do anymore.
I want to move on and be single so I don,t have to keep letting him down. But I also enjoy sleeping next to him. Its not fair to him at all.
He doesn’t get I just don,t get sexual feels. Its just not in me. help!”

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