From the inbox #357

“Hey, so… Today my best friend tried to kiss me. He is the only one who knows I am an asexual aromantic, so it made me feel so scared. I told him he can never, ever, do something like this again. He replied that he would have had regrets if he didn’t try (since we won’t see each other for a while). Then he started crying that he fucked up and our friendship will never be the same. I know for over a year that he likes me and we would hug sometimes (when I was sad and needed some support). I always made it clear that nothing beyond that would be happening. And now I feel betrayed, sad and awfully alone. I told him how his action made me feel, but that everyone does something foolish once in a while. I forgave him after, but he started talking about suicide (he told me I am his whole world) and I made him promise, that we will see each other in nine days. I am sure he will not harm himself, but to be completly honest, I can’t (and don’t want to) think about him now. My sexuality and romantic orientation never made me feel so hopeless and miserable until now.
I am sorry for any grammar mistakes.”

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