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“– Hey, guys. I’ve been identifying myself as a grace (gray-ace) since I’ve found out the informations of asexual orientation, and I’m really content with this label. However, I’m not sure about my romantic orientation. I have always thought that I’m aro, and it always felt kind of right, but not very exact, if you know what I mean.
So after a discussion with a friend and some retrospections, I think I might be homoromantic since I tend to be attracted (not sexually) to women. (Uh-huh, women, not girls, despite the fact that I’m 19 )

But I’m really curious about one thing; is it possible for you to be repulsed by a person of different sex who try to approach you if you’re homoromantic? I mean, perhaps some homoromantics would only be not-attracted, but is it normal to be repulsed?

Would really love to hear your opinions and if possible, your experiences! Thanks! –”

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