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” I’m a guy who’s definitely heteromantic (not sure if I’m bi-romantic yet but have never had a relationship.) I’m also gender-fluid/bi-gender as I enjoy cross-dressing whenever my family aren’t around for a while & in private only people online have ever seen me that way 😕 I’m on a few dating apps looking for a girlfriend but have had such overwhelming disinterest from straight girls that I decided to look at lesbian/bi girls as my female alter-ego instead in the hope that they’ld find me more attractive. I’m currently in conversation with a bi girl but my only worry at this stage is that she’ll be turned off when I tell her that I’m asexual. Can you or anybody else on this forum please tell me if I’m on a wild goose chase & should try to find an asexual dating forum? To clarify- I’m pushing 32 & have never been in a relationship but would really like to find a girlfriend.

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