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“Hello.I m a 21 year old female. Seriously, i’m having something similar to a post about a person who thought they were demisexual, i really don’t know how to describe it. I used to like men in the past, most was due to some kinda connection i had with them while some where minor crushes, but recently i realised that i kind of like women too, sometimes the thought of a lady unclad drives me crazy but now the thought of having sex scares and irritates me. Even seeing unclad women doesn’t freak me out like before. Sometimes i wish i could just remain single sometimes i wish for a relationship but the thoughts of being with the opposite sex too just doesn’t seem like me. Its all just complicated, i really don’t know where i fall and it scares me. Is there something wrong with me or something? I have never been in a sort of relationship so could that be a problem? I try reading up on this thing’s but I just get more confused and it’s making me feel down. I just need advice. please”

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