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“Hi everyone I thought I would introduce myself!! Im jessica and im a trans woman who has been on hormones since November 2015! Up until this year I always saw myself as attracted to women and/or non binary folk. In the last few months following talks with ace friends and personal reflection on my own thoughts, actions and feelings for the last 10 years I’ve realised there’s an extremely strong possibility that im on the asexual spectrum although where and how it is termed I am unsure of so would love some input!! I myself do not actually feel sexual attraction but rather emotional attraction dependant on the persons personality. Sex itself has always felt uncomfortable and I’ve wanted it over and done with. I do however enjoy intimacy such as kissing and cuddling and hugging and things like that. I also unfortunately have a complicated relationship with my own body because of my dysphoria towards my own body which is why im unsure about whether this is related or not.
Thank You!! ”

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