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“I’ve known for my entire adult life that I have practically no sex drive, I don’t really know if I’m ace, I occasionally feel turned on (usually due to PMS symptoms) but I’ve otherwise never looked at someone and thought ‘man I wanna sleep with him’, although on occasion when my boyfriend and I have sex I do enjoy it. A few months ago I saw he had watched porn when I wasn’t here and every time I think about it, it makes me feel so broken and like hurting myself because it’s so beyond me that someone would enjoy seeing that, yet on the other hand I know like 90% of the population is just as sex-driven as he is and I’m the ‘unusual’ one. I don’t know how to get past feeling so overwhelmed every time I think about it and I guess I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions to help me not feel like tearing my eyes out at the thought of being chosen second to plastic porn stars faking orgasms 😐”

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