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TW: Sexual abuse

From the inbox:

” I’m 18, possibly biromantic asexual, as I hold no sexual attraction, but I’ve had “Oh, you’re so cute I wanna cuddle you all day” vibes from an old childhood guy friend, and currently, a girl at my school. I’m also autistic at and I’ve been told that this is possibly why I have no interest in the act of sex itself.

I’m not exactly sex repulsed, as I like to ship anime/book characters and I write fanfiction of the M+ variety. It turns me on a little but only sometimes will I make an attempt to masturbate.

But I have been sexually molested twice. Once, by my step-grandfather at 4, which I do not recall, and the second, by my stepfather. Both are gone now.

I had no interest and even a slight fear of sexual encounters before the second occurred, but now, the idea of giving away myself sexually in a relationship terrifies me. But I hate being alone.

What am I, and should I attempt a relationship when I am so afraid of pressure from my partner?

I was 16, till when I just turned eighteen for the latter. Forgot to add that.”

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