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“Hi, where should I start? I guess I just wanted to ask for opinions and such. My whole life, I haven’t been interested in boys. At all. (I’m female, well questioning gender as well, but never mind) for a while now, I’ve thought I was asexual homoromantic but I try to imagine myself with a girl romantically and it freaks me out. So I’m not sure if I’d maybe be aromantic aswell? I was just wondering if there’s any other asexual-aromantic people out there that could maybe tell me how you discovered that you were that? My sexuality doesn’t bother me anymore, I’ve learnt to accept myself. Which is obviously good. But it’s hard, you know? All my friends are out sleeping with people and I’m so grossed out by it. Infact, I just don’t see the point haha. I still question whether or not I’m asexual, but I feel like I am. Any help? Confused.”

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