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“So, I’m Ace and mostly Aro (I’ve experienced romantic attraction a couple of times but most of the time I’m almost romance repulsed). I’ve noticed that because of this, it’s really hard to have a relationship with Allos. Even if I’m sex positive and I try to be loving my partners complain I’m “too cold” for them. So after some failed relationships I realized I’m much better off alone. However at times I still kinda crave having someone in my life, but as soon as I see my relationship with someone might be evolving towards something more than friendship I panic and cut it off because I don’t want to stop being single.
My question here is… Since I’m so happy being single, is there a way to shut off those feelings of loneliness that make me want to look for a partner every once in a while? (I already have lots of hobbies and my job as a doctor is very demanding so being busy hasn’t really worked out here). Thanks 🙂

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