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“This is a personal experience. A bad experience with Whats App groups and after this, I no longer join RPG (anime based mainly) groups.
I love to write, including RPGs which is a way that I can practice and enhance my writing more than ever.
Day after day my liking started to decrease, why? Perverts.
And it disgusts me that I once called these perverts “friends”.
Friends that don’t respect when you say NO.
Since day one he knew that I’m not into cybering.
I saw him making moves towards other members.
He whined to me: “Ugh, I made a bad choice by picking that girl. ‘Cause our characters don’t even interact, in other words, they don’t cyber lol. There’s no reason to stay together. And she told me to don’t PM her, don’t RP, because she is dating somebody in real life.”
He did not respect her request, pressured her to cyber (she is an Admin and if I were her, I’d ban him right away).
He flirted with other players.
Until, on that day when he attempted an advance with me.
After many “No”, “I’m not interested” he freaked out and wrote this: Drop this lame ass excuse, stop playing dumb. Guess what, this time has been for sure to never try something with you again.
I wrote back: Excuse me? Look at everything you wrote, including that DAMN emojis (*moony face and wink), I ALREADY told you that I don’t like cybering nor “virtual pairings”. You didn’t even respect HER, who you will respect? Me? I’m better off without friends like you.
I blocked him and quit the group for good, I’ve had enough.
A couple weeks later a friend of mine, who introduced me to this group, told me that this guy was flaming me in an all male members group, claiming that he had my photos, audios and cybering sessions.

In the end, what happened?
The pervert managed to become an admin.
Most part of the Council is against him, he’s hanging by a thread.
Hardly he will be banned because he is the pet of another Admin, who showed to me his true colors when I reported this pervert, he just laughed at me: “If you didn’t already do much in the group, no wonder cyber sex LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!””

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