From the inbox #295

“I always thought I was a little different, when everyone was getting boy friends or girlfriends and I’d rather be by myself and I just wasn’t interested. I spent a lot years wondering if I was broken or if I just had to force myself to feel a desire that apparently everyone had naturally. And then I learned that I wasn’t alone, that being asexual doesn’t mean that you’re broken. So of course I was sooooo excited that I figured out what I was and I told my parents and my friends and that’s when I realized that to “normal” people, asexuals don’t exist, i “just haven’t found that person yet” or maybe “you just don’t like guys” or maybe “you just don’t like girls”. I know what I am, so why is it so hard for other people to just accept other people. Or is it easier to deny something if you just keep them quiet.”

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