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“Anyways, for the past two months, I’ve been developing romantic feelings for a friend that I met in my hometown three years ago. She is SO amazing, always being there for me throughout some of the best and worst moments of my life and vice versa. She loves my affection and even compliments me back, which is something I rarely get from people, so it makes me feel special. We would always stay up late at night to chat with each other on Facebook, now that I moved abroad. I even have her address, so I sent her a few postcards and letters. She told me before that she would love to visit me and that if I were to move back, we could be roommates. We have complete trust in one another, with her knowing about my personal life and me knowing about hers. We have been talking less due to our busy schedules and her having a full-time job, which I understand. I sometimes go a few days up to two weeks without hearing anything from her on Facebook, which is fine. Two weeks ago, I admitted all of my feelings to her in a detailed Facebook message, telling her that I have a crush on her, and even going as far to tell her that *if* she had mutual feelings for me and *if* we were ever in a relationship together, that I would consider having sex with her. (She came out to me as demisexual and I am grey-asexual) I’ve never felt that way before, with her, or with anyone else that I’ve dated or have had a crush on and I’ve dated two other people back in my home country. Anyways, I’ve been feeling really vulnerable and ashamed of myself since I sent that. She saw my message and hasn’t responded yet and I’m worried that I scared her away because she doesn’t tag me in funny things whereas she used to before. I told her that I would never be jealous or upset if she didn’t have any feelings for me and/or liked someone else instead. She told me before that I could never do anything to upset her and that she’s a very forgiving person, but I wouldn’t want to ever push her buttons or take advantage of her extraordinary personality. What should I do?”

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