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“So I’ve only recently identified as asexual. I always thought of myself as more bisexual because I like the way the female form looks and male anatomy and what it does grosses me out but I have always only had relations with men. Well I’ve been in a relationship with a nymphomaniac for seven years. We started out great but as always happens my drive and desire had fizzled out and I’m back to not even thinking of sex. It spiked again for a few months then fizzled out again. He has now informed me he doesn’t feel that I love him because I don’t have sex and when I do it seems like a chore…. in all reality it is a chore, I do not feel the need or desire until do something so it’s almost an inconvenience to start until get going. Is there anything as an asexual I can do to help in this area. Or are we doomed. I’m against the idea of an opened relationship so it need to be me that does something.”

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