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“Hi, I am 24 and for the last however many months I haven’t really had a sex drive, I now consider myself to be ace because I’ve never seen sex as a need or want more of something “normal” that couples do. Now that I’m single I’m really worried that I will never find true love because how do you even approach the – Yeah I don’t enjoy sex, talk without scaring people? I don’t really like the ace dating sites so I guess it’ll have to be the mainstream route for me but I’m really worried.
Secondly, my 100% aversion to sex is new – like I say the last 4 or so months. I’m worried something is amiss as before I did used to have a sex drive, just not urges if that makes sense. For all of my sexual life I’ve felt guilty and dirty because that’s what I was taught to believe as a child but I can’t shake it off. Is it fair to assume that I’m not ace and that sexual shame and asexuality are two different things? Thanks for any help”

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