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“I’m a 30 years old aromantic asexual and I just discovered a couple of years ago due to the fact that sexuality wasn’t relevant in my life until I reached adulthood as sexuality becomes part of adult’s life either on work or between friends so I just had to pretend I was on the same boat. However what I need advice for this situation: ever since high school I knew people would start dating and I thought I’d have to, I didn’t but nobody mind so I was ok, but the problem was one my friends started dating they’d be obsessed with their partner and start cutting me off their lives, up until this day, and I think that’s the most difficult part of my situation as ace to handle, I’m really into fraternal love, so when I feel ditched by my friends or family because of their romantic/sexual life, it just hurts, I know I sound selfish and I feel bad for that too because I know at the end these people will be for me when I need them, so I understand, support and wish them well, however that still hurts and I can’t control what I feel, sometimes is really tortuous, any advice to cope with these situation? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long message but I needed to get this out of my chest.”

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