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“Hello, I’m a 17 old girl and i not sure what is my really orientation. I only know one I’m a aromantic.
And I’m describing yourself how aromantic, and this is my problem because i’m not sure of it /:
Yup, I am like reading love story and looking on art’s and pictures of cute boy’s huh… but I never ever thing and thought have a boyfriend, have a sex or kiss somebody oh… and have a husband.
Yes, this is crazy but when was a 6 I was say: ‘I’m never kiss and never have a boyfriend and never will get married’
For some it can be crazy or stupid but I to this day kept this this rules.
I only like boys, we’re talking, laughing, crying, playing etc… I treat this how Friendzone I doesn’t feel chemistry or love just friendship
My question: I’m amromantic person?

Uh… I sorry for grammatical mistakes but my english isn’t perfect.
And… I not why, but afraid this answers”

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