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“cw: sexual abuse, sex
i’m wondering if anyone else has the experience that i do. i have a fluctuating “libido” which is occasionally very much not there for weeks or months and also occasionally very high and frequent. basically little consistency. what is consistent though is the fact that i don’t want to have sex. i dont feel the urge to have sex unless during arousal, which occasionally occurs seemingly irregardless of context, and occasionally when ima smoochin someone. but even if i get the urge, i don’t want to have sex. i have body issues and ive had some awful and abusive sexual experiences in the past. i identify as ace because although i think i once felt sexual attraction, i no longer feel it now. but do other people have fluctuating libidos like me? it really frustrates me sometimes and i wish i could turn it off. it makes me feel like i’m not ace enough or something.”

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