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” I am a 16 years old girl and I am really confused about my sexuality. All my friends had sex, but I always feel uncomfortable, when I think about me doing sexual stuff. Well, I like to read about my favorite characters or couple making love and I am okay seeing it in comics, but when I imagine me, I just feel bad, grossed out. My parents told me it is just a phase, that is a wonder thing to sleep with the person you love, and my best friend told me I am not going to have a boyfriend, because boys want sex and no sex means no love. I felt aways out of place, and I thought I had some mental illness, so I looked on the internet and I discovered up the asexual community. At the moment, I can’t tell if I am asexual or not, but when I try to ask someone to help me, they just laugh and say I am prudish.
So, when I saw this page, I wondered if someone could give some advices to me. ”

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