From the inbox #265

“I see on this page a lot of people getting hate from the lgbqt+ community even though they should sympathize – asexuals have to go through the same amount of exile as do the other members of the lgbqt+ community. – – asexuals have to go through people pushing them to find a “valid” sexuality and they feel pressured into having sex and it’s like if a gay man were to have sex with a woman it just wouldn’t feel “right” to them (in most cases)* if they’re not aromantic they have to suffer people asking “oh you’re dating someone? I thought you were ace” as a bisexual I myself have to go through people asking “of you’re with a man? I thought you were bi” and vice versa. Honestly though it aggravates me that members of the lgbtq don’t sympathize more with the fellow members of the community, being the aces. F*ck ’em, rock on asexuals. (sorry for the messy writing my thought process is a little disorganized. I also may have missed some things I was thinking)”

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