From the inbox #264

“When I hear people claim aces don’t face discrimination, I often think about discrimination we can face from the medical establishment. Even though I know the DSM V classified low sex drive as a disorder, it included the caveat that people identifying as asexual should not be considered disordered. Yet doctors have treated me as weird or damaged, one even badgering me over and over about my sexual history because she was convinced I was lying. This annoyed me, but the attitude didn’t do me any lasting harm until I attempted to seek help for PTSD. I had been seriously upset (triggered?) by something, so I contacted an online hotline. During the conversation, the guy on the other end was lovely, and many topics came up during my long manic ramble including lgbt and my asexuality. At the end of the convo he sent me to a support link he said would be really helpful for me. It turned out to be all about “reclaiming your sexuality.” I was upset, and angry, and confused. I thought “lgbt are queer because of child abuse” died out with the idea that you can change your orientation. While that guy was a volunteer and not a doctor, I’ve met similar attitudes in doctors and therapists too often to believe it was just a one time thing. I WANT to continue treatment for mental health issues but feel that I would have to lie to a doctor to be taken seriously, or risk coming out and having a well intentioned therapist try to turn me straight. I guess I’m asking if anyone else has had similar experiences and how you cope with doctors, especially when it comes to mental health.”

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