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“I realised my asexuality only a few months ago (mostly from reading in this group, thanks!) and I’ve been contemplating all aspects of it ever since. I’d like to share some of my conclusions/thoughts, hoping they might help others as all of you have helped me.

First of all, people can feel very lonely in their asexuality. But (as many already know) a study made in 2004 estimated that about 1% of the world’s population was asexual. I suspect the number might be higher, but let’s go with it. That means that there are at least 70 MILLION ASEXUALS WORLDWIDE! So might be minority, but we are NOT ALONE!

Second, explaining asexuality to non-informed people can be difficult, so I constantly try to think of good analogies to use. My favorite so far is Ice Cream:
Ice Cream = Sex. People in general like Ice Cream. Most might even say they love it. People like different flavors. Some only like one flavor, some another flavor and then some just like all the flavors.
I’m fine with Ice Cream. I might have some occasionally, either because my partner might want some (although I don’t have to of course) or maybe I just feel like having some on my own. But I never have any cravings for it. I never go and think “Oh GOD, I really need some Ice Cream!”. I think Ice Cream can look very tasty, but still not want any. But this is just me.
Some people think it’s downright disgusting. Some might be nauseous from even the thought of it. Some might like to eat Ice Cream, but only with the right company.
I might come across people who are confused (or even angry) and ask me “How can you not like Ice Cream!?” but I just don’t. And that’s no big deal.”

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