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“Hi there to whoever is reading this. I’ve posted on this page before I was the bi high school girl who felt weird because everyone was losing their virginity and I felt bad for not being attracted to certain people and not feeling the same as others etc etc so I’ll be glad if you remember me haha. Since the last time I posted on this page I’ve had a good think to myself and I understand my feelings a lot more than before so thank you all to the amazing comments that got me thinking and helped me! I’m starting to believe I may be a biromantic demisexual but my feelings are kind of unsure as I’ll explain further. I consider myself bi but the way I consider myself demisexual is that I am only ever really physically attracted to someone if I have a strong emotional bond with them this especially applies to guys but girls not so much as looking at a picture of a guy I don’t know who is shirtless I find nothing attractive whereas if I look at a picture of a girl I don’t know I find her incredibly physically attractive I’ve had two crushes on guys in my lifetime which were HUGE and the physical attraction was right up there even when the guy took his shirt off and I hate it when guys take off their shirts. If I didn’t feel this way about those guys I would consider myself homoromantic instead. Is this normal for those of you who are demi? If there’s another label which describes my feelings accurately could you put it down in the comments if you know of it thanks so much again!”

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