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“Hello! I am a 22 year old girl who would like to share her story. I have always felt different about my sexuality. Since I was really young I understood that I am attracted to both sexes. Until I was a teenager I could accept and live with that fact happily. The problem began after the age of 16. When all my peers were in relationships and having sex I felt that I wasn’t feeling comfortable to do so. I had a relationship with a guy when I was 17 that I really liked but I still wasn’t comfortable with him. The reason that this happened was because I didn’t knew him very well. I told him I wanted to get a good strong bond before I feel safe to let go. He never understood. Today, I am still a virgin, because many of the guys that approach me want sex first and I keep saying no. And I realize that its true…I feel good when I am with someone that I know long enough…and in my head this seems idyllic! Like for example having a bff later on as a bf! This finally does not sound stupid for me! After all these years that I tried hard to identify me, to understand myself, I am proud today to say that I am a demisexual <3”

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