From the inbox #229

“Odd moment tonight. I was giving my friend Kaitlyn a ride home from work. We have a mutual friend, Steph, that is asexual and aromantic. Kaitlyn began asking me about Steph, and her friendships with myself and others.

Steph has a partner for sexual encounters, we all figured that one out. She also has a very strong emotional connection to one of her best female friends.

So Kaitlyn and I are a bit lost. We understand the nonexistence of sexual attraction, and given that Steph’s partner is a married man, we can mostly ascertain that this is an arrangement for relief of tension or bonding of trust. But over the last month or so, her attitude towards her friends is shifting, wherein she spends more time exclusively with the two people she has close ties with. Physically, and emotionally.

At the end of it all, we just want to make sure she is alright. Is there anything we can say or do? Or is this something best left alone?

Names are fake. Just FYI.”