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“This is the first time I talk about me being asexual ( I am actually learning about all the different terms). I may or may not be asexual , the reason I join the group is because I really think I am (sorry for the confusion). I am a 43 Hispanic girl, I have two kids and I had two major relationship in my life; the first lasted 12 years and the 2nd 10 years. Now, both guys cheated, according to them ,for my lack of sexual desire. My last relationship just ended less than 10 months ago. In the last 20 years I have questioned myself regarding my sexuality and if there is something wrong with me, cause you know “that is not normal” at least that’s what I keep hearing. Just in the last couple of month I found myself reading about asexual and starred researching about it, the more I found the more I feel that I have answer to the many years of doubt about my sexuality. I don’t need, desire, think or fantasies about sex, I don’t mind cuddling, holding hands and or kissing but that’s about it. I still trying to figure myself out but definitely finding about asexual have answer so many questions and above all I now know that I am normal and I am perfectly fine.”

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