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“I am asexual, possibly gray aromantic. I can’t help but wonder if two health issues in my life may have played a part in that. When I was 9 I found out I needed to get a doctor’s ok before having sex. Being 9 I didn’t care because boys were fun to tease but sex wasn’t in my head yet. Fast forward to 21, I just had my first kiss and wasn’t really all that interested in sex still. It sounded nice but with school stress dating wasn’t for me. Anyway I am on birth control pills for menstrual issues. Doctor says you have to have a pap before you can renew becasue of my age. Turns out I still hadn’t outgrown my health issue from when I was nine. I had a hymenectomy so I wouldn’t end up in the ER if I ever have vaginal sex. But I have since found out that other women who have had it have either become sex repulsed due to damage from the surgery or due to feeling like their body betrayed them by needing the surgery. I also have hypothyroidism which apparently can cause decrease in sex drive. It just makes me wonder how much of my lack of desire for sex with someone is due to inborn sexuality or due to years of knowing I needed to be certain before pursuing sex/having an illness that dampans your libido.”

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