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“Hello. I’m a 16 year old female, and I’m asexual. I know for sure that I’m asexual. I have a boyfriend, and we’ve never talked about sex, ever. But when I grow up I want marry him for sure. We both love each other that much. I would love to have a wedding and honeymoon, but I don’t ever want sex in my life. I’d only ever have sex so we can have kids, but no more for me! I don’t know know how he’d react if he found out I’m asexual. He’s completely Chinese, so he should be pretty loyal and love me anyway, what do you think? I’m the kind of person that thinks sex is not necessary like a lot of people think it is. Just because someone doesn’t want sex with their partner, doesn’t mean they love them less than they already do! I don’t understand why people feel unloved if they don’t get sex. It really doesn’t make sense. There are a lot of better ways to love than sex. So, in the future, I want my bf to accept me as asexual and still love me even though I don’t want sex. If you could maybe help me out, that would be great! Everyone seems to bash me on Yahoo Answers! Haha ☺”

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