From the inbox #219

“I’m from a German-speaking asexual community that was formed in May 2015.
We call ourselves the “Ameisenbären” (engl.: Anteaters) and are a group of about 90 asexuals and/or aromantics from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and some more places, most of which are between the ages 15-30.
Our goal is it to connect and support people from the asexual spectrum, as well as to inform about and raise awareness for asexuality in German-speaking countries. We also organize meet-ups in different cities.
Of course we offer help for everyone who has questions about asexuality and answer any questions about topics related to LGBTQIA+.

We are mainly organized in a big WhatsApp group with several subgroups for different regions and topics but you can also find us on the following social media networks:

Facebook Page:
Facbook Group:

We would be grateful if you could introduce our community on your page and help to link to our
German-speaking forum –>
to make it easier to connect with other German-speaking asexuals.”