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“i’m planning to take part in nanowrimo this upcoming november (i know this is rather early) and i want one of my characters to be a sex-repulsed asexual (not sure about gender or romantic orientation yet). as someone who happens to be rather neutral towards sex, i’m not quite sure how to readjust my personal train of thought to match the character. it’s probably never going to come up in the story itself in such black and white terms, but i personally like to create scenes in my head where i stick my characters in random situations and imagine how they’d react in hopes that they’ve got the personality i wanted, so if i could get some advice about this it would be amazing. i guess the simplest way to get help is: how would you as someone who is sex-repulsed respond to someone attempting to get them to sleep with them? i have snarky responses for pick-up lines all prepared for my own usage, so that’s not really what i’m asking for, but more to add to my personal collection would be equally appreciated :”

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