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“Ive identified as asexual for about 3 years and it honestly hasnt been the best experience for me. Ive always been the type of person that thinks about stuff too much and ends up getting worse. Thing is. I (im not sure if to say “like”) but I really have some sort of feelings for a friend of mine. I found out shes bisexual and through my group of friends, I know she would be OK with going out with me. She knows im ace and she said shes kinda ok with it since shes not into much into physical contact within the relationship and is kinda distant overall which im kinda glad of.

The problem is that I dont get what people call “butterflies”, and when I was young I was bullied a lot and called a lesbian and since ive always been questioning myself, whenever I get kinda close to a friend I tend to feel some sort of guilt? Im afraid that I might be confusing a close friendship with something else and I also cant help but feel some sort of guilt when I think about asking her out because I compare my feelings with “giving in into bullying”. My parents are supportive so theres no issua in that sense, yet, I need someone to assure me that what I feel is genuine and its not my confused self jumping into conclusions”

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