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“I am an aro-ace, and I’m a professional actress and I am doing a part that the description is of an asexual , agender. I’m really having trouble understanding agender and what they go through. I really need some stories of how they’re portrayed or what struggles they go through daily. I’m also looking for stories of people that work in group homes or safe places for the LGBT people to get acceptance/assistance. As I said I’m an Aro-Ace but I would like to accurately portray the character. Also, my character uses they/them… I’m wondering how people tell what pronouns they use and how they feel when someone mis-labels them. This character was born female but in her 30s decides to go with they-them. Can I also ask if there’s any particular “signs” of someone being agender? How do they dress, do they face bathroom issues like trans people? I’m really trying to figure out what I need to make this character real. Please help. Thanks!”

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