From the inbox #206

“I’ve been dating a guy who claims he’s asexual, however, I’ve seen several intimate messages between him and other girls, intimate messages that me and him used to have, but now that we are living together he wants nothing to do with me and claims asexuality. It’s a completly different behavior that I’ve never experienced with him until I moved in with him. It makes me question if he’s really asexual, or if he even really loves me. I can live with out him wanting sex, but not the intimacy, and to find out he’s having it with others, but not me really crushes my heart. And I don’t think he cares at all. Does anyone have any similar experinces with asexual like this? Or is he just using it as an excuse not to be intimate with me anymore? I know and understand asexual its is real, but I can’t help but think he’s lying to me personally. Any advice?”

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