From the inbox #201

“Sometimes I feel like the only Ace that doesn’t feel like she is part of the LGBT community. Like, I went to a Pride event a few years ago as an ally and was surprised that the Ace triangle was available as a temporary tattoo. Like, I felt that I didn’t really fit in with LGBT community. I guess just because I am Ace and looking more and more like Aro (just thought I never met The One ’cause I have yet to be interested in anyone), I feel like I “pass” so easily I don’t share a lot of the issues and struggles the community does… When I was in college and heard about Aven I was like, “cool. I’m not that weird,” and that was as far as it went. I joined a few Ace communities online ’cause, you know, the memes and the solidarity for people just identifying. I kinda get the debate as to whether or not we fit in there…. I feel like we kinda get a discount card to either club…”

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