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“I’m a gender fluid, Asexual, and a Demiromantic. My cisgender is female and I’m dating a heterosexual guy. When I came out to him as a fluid, he was really understanding, even more understanding when I told him that I was Demiromantic…. But when i came out as an asexual… he sounded understanding, but he doesn’t act that way. (I’m not grossed out by sexual things, and I joke and act perverted at times.) But he keeps telling me “just try it, you’ll like it.” “I can’t wait to finally do it!” Etc… and he continues until he remembers I’m ace… when I say I might not like sex, he tells me “nothing is set in stone”…. He is understanding- but I think it’s just a straight guy thing… he has a normal sex drive and I can’t hold that against him… but what do I do? I really need some advice.”

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