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“Ive posted on this page before asking for some advice and i am in need of some again. Im in high school and im bi but my friend has brought to my attention that she thinks i may be ace because of my attitude to sex and relationships in general. Basically when i date someone i despise kissing regardless of gender and the only thing im OK with is hand holding and occasionally hugging. When someone puts their hand on my leg or gets sexual with me i feel really uncomfortable and i react with being angry. Ive tried asking my mum for advice but she says she thinks im a lesbian but i tried to explain to her that this happens REGARDLESS OF GENDER. People in my school wont date me as they are all losing their virginity and theres me over here who only likes hand holding whilst everyone talks about their kinks and such. I have ruined the majority of my relatuonships because of this besides my last relationship which was with someone who was asexual but that ended because i was unhappy. I tried asking him for advice but he wasnt really that good at it. So im asking you guys for help im sorry if i seem like a stupid kid for asking all of this but its making me unhappy and i just want to be like everyone else but i cant. Do you guys know if theres anything to stop me from being so disgusted by affection any advice would be helpful please.”

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