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“The thing is,I don’t understand when people say ” my partner doesn’t want to have sex with me,so that makes me feel unattractive and unloved.”So this means,nowadays people feel loved only if they get sex?
I have a long distance relationship ,and I love my partner to death.The thing is,when i mention what would they do if I was asexual ,they said “we could work it on therapy,give you time and everything,and if it wasn’t “fixed” we wouldn’t have it”.But I know that my soulmate would be so much disappointed if we don’t have it while living together.I am sure my partner would feel unattractive and ugly.The truth is,that person I’d the most beautiful person in the world ,and not only attracts me but I love her to death as I said.But why is it sex so necessary to express love ? I know she has needs,but i can express love in other ways,more romantic.I am faithful,I don’t cheat,I try to help her on everything and make her feel safe ,but yet if we don’t have sex that probably would be wrong.I am afraid that if in the future we don’t have it she will so unhappy.I am afraid she will leave me also and when I think of it I can’t help but cry.I wish I knew back then when I met her what all those romantic attractions were and asexuality.I wish I could tell her all that since the begging.Now after some texts ( well you can imagine the context) she thinks I’m sexual but i just need time. What do I do ?”

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