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“I am an aro ace who has absolutely zero interest in dating. I have tried it many times before, and every time, I find it to be extremely uncomfortable and hurt the other person instead. My friends all know this, and they all respect me for who I am, but it didn’t stop one of them from developing a crush on me. He told me (after letting it fester for a while) and I made it very clear that I was not open for business and probably never would be.

So you’d think, problem solved, right?

Well, not quite. This little crush he had, it grew into something more. He has told me that he’s had crushes before, but they are nothing like this. This is something else, something strong. And I am NOT RECIPROCATING IN THE LEAST but it is still going. I feel like I’m torturing him just by existing, and we both feel powerless to stop it. He has already contacted Aven, but they didn’t help much (just told him to stop feeling that way which is not helpful in the least) so I thought I’d turn to you guys for help. Any thought would be appreciated!”

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