From the inbox #175

“Hi I just want to thank you all for doing what you are doing. I’m not Ace, but my ex-husband is. We spent years wondering what we were doing wrong. We went to therapists, counselors, pastors, etc. There were tears, there was anger, bitterness, rejection and frustration. We finally just decided to separate so that we could save our relationship. Two years after we divorced, we learned of the word “Asexual” for the first time. It was as if a definition had been written for him. We have remained best friends, he is happily in a relationship with someone who is also Asexual, and I’m getting married in June to my favorite fellow sex-lover. Both of our partners understand our past together and are thankfully welcoming of our need for constant communication and involvement in each other’s lives. Knowing that Asexuality exists as a term gave us a way to face our own reality. There was nothing wrong with him not wanting sex. Nothing wrong with me for not making him want it. We are who we are and our relationship is exactly where we want it to be. Awareness is the key, and by being here, you provide community awareness. Hopefully your presence saves many sets of two people like us. Thanks for raising awareness. Stay vocal and know that you are loved and appreciated.”

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