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“HI. New here and new to asexuality. I mean that I am asexual (biromantic) but didn’t know until last year that it was…something. I’m nearly 40. I’m a mom with two young kids. I’m in an outwardly straight marriage. See I always figured I was supposed to like guys. So I forced myself to. I’d find someone I thought was cute and then get swept up in the romance. But then the sex. But I’m supposed to right? So I just did it. As much as I needed to. But…I don’t like it. I don’t get it. I got really good at faking it all these years. I’ve been with my husband for over eight years. I love him. But he is unhappy as I’ve stopped with sex. I use the kids as an excuse but really I’m just tired of pretending. I feel horrible. I don’t know how to talk to him about this or where things should go from here. Is anyone else in a similar situation? I miss being close with him but the thought of sex frankly terrifies me at this point. I know now I’m asexual and that I’m not broken (so many years trying to understand why I felt so wrong and why I seemed so out of place) I guess I’m still working it out and hoping to find some community and advice from others. Thanks in advance. Feel free to ask me questions.
I should clarify my hubby is awesome and totally will support me but I don’t want to come out with no paths for going forward in our relationship you know?”

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