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“Hello, I found myself and this page a month ago, I think. I wanted to ask something about it. I had two relationships that I did not attracted to other person at all. It was like, “hey you are cool and cute, why not?” I didn’t do anything for relationships, I just ran away from them in private and went with them malls for not getting touched. It was purely disgusting for me. The second one harrased me with his words and physically. So, till this time I thought I was being conservative about sex (how I disgusted by even thinking one second) or traumatized. I looked everyone, and tried to love someone –just someone come on why so hard? I said that I am asexual maybe aromantic also, but nobody heard me, so I thought, no no that’s just because of trauma. Recently, my parents started to look somebody for me, to marry. I said it is ok, because I believe I am in denial. But I reject that guy too, because I really feel nothing. It is hella frustrating. Because I want a partner, to sit and talk with that person, and have babies (from the sky ofc) and that’s all. I want to ask that, is anybody married and happy with life? I believe I will not love somebody at all, and I am sex-repulsed –really repulsed. Can you just help me with my situation, it is life-depending one. Marriage is not sitting close and sipping coffee at all, but I want a significant other for company. How can I say I am aromantic while I don’t know what it feels like at all? By the way, I am pretty happy person, I just wanted to ask to get rid of the possibilities. Thank you~”

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