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“*my asexual story* i only just recently began identifying as asexual (demisexual) about a year ago as i just recently learned the term but i always felt a little weird growing up, puberty hit me and the voice changes happened grew hair the usually but no real sexual click. I had a few short term gf but i left highschool a virgin (hate that term) and I stayed one until I was 20 as I wasn’t really looking to lose it though I felt like i missing out on a part of life. So i ended up having sex the first time because this girl I was friends with found out I was a virgin and wanted to take my v-card and I was a little curious about what sex was like. And after having it I really didn’t understand what the big hype was all about. As the years went on I would have relationships but I would often be told I had a low sex drive as my partner would 9/10 have to be the one to initiate. So I started to give up on dating because I found out how important sex is in to a relationship for most people. I honestly was about to give up on love for myself. But now I have a wonderful girlfriend who is also asexual (demisexual/sapiosexual) and we’re moving in together in a few months and I’m happy, and I feel a lot more comfortable in my asexual skin. I just wanted to say your not weird or strange. And the right person will accept you for who you are and love you exactly as you are.”

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