From the inbox #168

“I always “liked” girls that either don’t like me, want nothing to do with me, or celeberties, but with this one, I feel like I really have a chance, she’s currently an awesome friend which I have shared some deep secrets with like being Asexual but she says she is almost always busy but always finds time to respond to her friend’s messages and mine on fb. I don’t think it is right to just leave her a message, I rather call, I feel its best to do it face to face but I am super shy. I also have asperger’s syndrome which she also knows about
i don’tknow if i am able to video chat
cause I really feel these tings should be done face to face
face to face as in I can see her and she sees me, or just she sees me, cause this is something persona
But then at school, I barely have time to see her,
but I managed to know through facebook that she is a great friend”

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