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“So, I have a problem.
A while back my I met this boy who knew my mum. He’s in grade 12 and I’m in grade 11 and he’s shown apparent signs of affection towards me. On top of that, it’s almost as of my mum is kind of pushing us together. She’ll drop hints about how “nice” he is and what a “handsome young gentleman” he is. Honestly, I have no problem with the person himself as he is a decent guy; but lately I have felt uncertainty over my own romantic preferences. I’ve dealt with my fair share of guys, had a crush on a few girls, but I never quite see myself ever wanting a relationship yet. I dont know if im aromantic or philophobic, my feelings of love are more on the lines of “Its for them, not me” sort of thing. I’m a huge fan of hugging but the last time I was open with my hugging one of my friends took it the wrong way and thought I wanted to date him. I want to be this guy’s friend but the mere thought of him taking my friendliness the wrong way drives me away from him. Any advice? (P.S sorry this message seems so jumbled, my head is just so scrambled right now) ”

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