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“Life is too confusing for me right now. S for as far as I know (currently) I’m asexual, aromantic (still questioning this, idk relationships scare me and I don’t know how to be in one) and agender. These might change later in my life but for now that’s all I know. If any of you guys have suggestions or any tips at all please let me know!

So let me expand on this topic just a bit, because I feel this is important to my identity and who I am as a person. I’ve been definitely not into sex for as long as I’ve known, hated french kissing, and thought I was demisexual for a long while until I figured out that I really didn’t like nor care for the idea of sexual attraction or sex all together.
Now the Aromantic thing is still in questioning. Mainly because I am a sucker for romantic cliches….but only when they happen to others if that makes any sense. While in relationships I find myself to not be a very good partner because I don’t like PDA that much (although I don’t mind it when I see it if that makes sense because I could care less) and I never was one to believe in love for me. Now before you guys go saying ‘oh how could you say that, you haven’t meet the right one yet’ or whatever let me tell you. I’ve had my share of guys (and girls at some point) and I really wasn’t into the whole romance thing either. I do experience crushes from time to time but I really don’t see myself being with said person. It just doesn’t work out well in my mind and so I may be aesthetically attracted to them it doesn’t mean I necessarily want to be with them.
Moving on to the Agender aspect. I really started to feel this way at the beginning of last summer and was questioning it. When I went swimming I didn’t like wearing bikinis and wasn’t all to comfortable in them. At the time it was still in questioning. During the time when school started I reached out to online communities to help me through this all and figured out that I am Agender. I don’t like feminine or masculine pronouns and I prefer non binary ones, however if you do mistakenly call me by those I can’t stop you. I don’t mind it but I don’t like it if that makes any sense.
Basically at this point I’m pretty much not into anything romantic, sexual, or gender wise. Who knows though, I might change my ways. I know that I shouldn’t be so eager to define myself while I’m still figuring it out, but regardless it would be much appreciated for help. If you made it to the end then thank you ^_^ ”

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